Past Updates

Find out when things were added to the site!

27/04/2018 - Changed how members are listed on the members page. The list was getting quite long!

05/04/2018 - Slight rearrange of the front page to make it more readable! The page index was getting quite cluttered.

22/03/2018 - The articles page has been edited to also include stories! There is currently one story up, which you should definitely check out!

09/03/2018 - Added Funny Stuff page! It's far from finished but it's a start!

08/03/2018 - *Facepalm* It's late, but the V.O.T.M has been updated. (Also, here's a little insight into the lateness mistake...

26/02/2018 - Added new poetry, replaced splashpage image. Also changed the site font! What do you think?

22/02/2018 - Sorry for the lack of updates.. Added new article and also the Site Recommendation Page!

13/02/2018 - New title banner on the mainpage! :D

12/02/2018 - Added some more banners. Thankyou for 1000+ views! New poem!

09/02/2018 - Added a favicon! Looking more professional by the day.

08/02/2018 - First article posted! Added the Dracula's Guest page.

07/02/2018 - Started the site! Added V.O.T.M and the Dracula list. Also added really cool scrollbar CSS!!