Windowsill Mystery

Original short story written by Drac - 03/22/2018

Waking up to the freezing cold and whistling sound of the open window, the woman throws herself towards it and slams it shut. It wasn't open when she went to bed, but it was now. She paused after closing the window, giving just enough time for her legs to give way. She hadn't realized that they'd gone weak. As she lay on the floor, she noticed something else. The was a small drop of blood, about the size of a coin, on the floor next to her. She gathered her strength and stood back up, seeing that there was another pool on the windowsill.

Had she sleepwalked? Perhaps she cut himself on something on her walk to the windowsill. She checked herself over for cuts, there were none on her arm, none on her hands. Then she felt something. The side of her throat was wet and marked with two, small indentations. She removed her fingers from her throat, revealing that there was now blood on her hand. Panicked, she ran to the bathroom.

Apart from the gentle buzzing of the lights, the room was silent as the woman studied herself in the mirror. As she had feared, her neck was bleeding. What looked like bite marks grew a darker red than the rest of her skin. The blood contrasted strongly with the paleness of her skin, almost snow white, glowing ever so slightly green. Usually with a healthy tan, she knew something was wrong.

The bleeding had stopped, what was left drying on, cracking a little with every movement. Her hair was slowly darkening, turning from her natural blonde to a dark brown, eventually becoming raven black.

She watched in horror as her features morphed in front of her. Her jawline and cheekbones sharpened, her eyes turned red, and her canines grew longer. Her mind grew hazy, and she lost consciousness.


"It seems that you're ready.." A dark and mysterious voice whispers. She wakes up suddenly, and looks at the man in front of her.

He is tall and thin, with pale skin, dark hair and red eyes. He's smiling at her, revealing his sharp teeth, a single drop of blood drizzling from his mouth and down his chin. He's holding out his hand.

She grabs his hand and uses it to help lift herself up from the floor.

"You are a vampire, my dear." The man says playfully. She couldn't believe her ears. She thought vampires weren't real.

The man holds her hand tighter, and pulls her towards the window. She closes her eyes tight as they jump out. To her surprise, there is no sudden drop, no thud as they hit the floor. She opens her eyes to see that they are floating gracefully through the sky. The man smiles, entertained by her bewilderment.

"Don't worry, you have an eternity to get used to it" He jokes.

And with that, they disappeared off into the night, leaving nothing but a disturbed bed, two drops of blood and an open window, curtains fluttering in the breeze.