Other Spooky Sites

Recommendations for other spooky sites on Neocities! If you want to be added here, e-mail Drac a link to your site!

Count Spooky
Disturbed Mind

Yes, I know.. So few! It's a sad time with so few good spooky sites... But hopefully as Neocities grows, there will also be more horror-themed or spooky sites. And hopefully more vampire ones!

Non-Neocities Sites

Cool vampire sites from around the web! (Some are Angelfire and Geocities.ws so watch out for the ads)

Vampiric Studies
Burning Eden
Vampire Cats
Laboratory of Vampire (Japanese language but good graphics!)
The Learned Vampire
Bite Me Magazine
Vampires + Werewolves
Everything You Need to Know About Vampires (Some broken images)
The Vampire Kingdom and REAL VAMPIRES!
The Vampire Research And Survey Center
Vampiric Magick
Vampires (On part 1)
The Real Kingdom Of The Vampires