Vampire Poetry

This section is dedicated to poetry about vampires, mainly done by me (Vlad) and Drac. If you have any poetry you'd like to send in feel free to e-mail it to us at!


A Silhouette At The Window

A silhouette at the window,
bathed in white as lightning strikes.
Two golden eyes from pale face stare.
Dark red lips with dark red blood,
dripping down her neck.
She pauses a moment, and smiles.
You're paralysed by the sight.
Fangs of ivory stained with red,
shine brightly in the night.
And as the sky darkens once more,
the silhouette is gone.


← ← ← Check out this photomanip made by Drac to go with the poem too!

A Grinning Face

Wake up in a cold sweat,
cold breeze fills the room,
you turn too see,
the window's open,
curtains flutter in the breeze.
Red eyes flicker brightly
in the corner of the room.
Slowly creep towards you,
a grinning face appears
in the light of the moon.
You can't look away,
as the eyes steal your soul,
and sharp teeth glint.
You can't look away,
as the teeth pierce your neck,
and your body's drained of blood
Nothing but a husk,
a pale corpse laying on a bed.



Your skin turns cold,
your eyes turn red,
the blood that once flowed from you neck
now icy cold and dead.
Your bones do ache
and your mind goes black.
Your teeth sharpen to a point,
and a deep hunger forms within.
A hunger you can never stop,
a thirst you will never quench.
A desperate need...
For blood.

Red = Danger

Red, the color of blood.
Red, the color of anger.
Red, the color of hate.
Red, the color of love.
Red, the color of passion.
Red, the color of hunger.
Red, the color of death.
Red, the color of danger.