Gaining Membership

Gaining membership is nice and easy, simply follow us on Neocities or if you don't hav an account, e-mail Drac at with the name you want to be added to the members list. Any neocities users who follow us will be followed back.

What Can I Do Now?

Once you've joined the Vampire Club, we recommend following and socialising with other members. It's good to make friends!
A unique feature of the Vampire Club is the member pages. These are pages created by members and sent to us via e-mail (as html files). They are static webpages made by you and hosted on our site. They can be about vampires in general, a specific vampire, about how you got into vampires or even stories and art galleries! The link to your main members page (the index.html) will be listed on the Members Page Index.

Rules For Member Pages

1. When sending the HTML file, please name it "index.html", this keeps everything tidy and easier to find.

2. When updating the page, send us the full HTML file and tell us to replace the old one with it. Just sending parts and telling us where to put it can cause confusion and mistakes.

3. Please send all images you want included on your page, including backgrounds.

4. The limit per user is an index and 5 pages. These pages must be linked onto your main index.html

5. If you have any issues or confusion, simply e-mail your questions to and they will be answered as soon as possible!