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My Vampires

My idea of vampires is pretty traditional, gray-faced creatures of the night. They drink blood and resemble humans. I'v always found them to be very interesting so I was very much excited to join the Vampire Club!

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Brodiaea is a female vampire who lives her life in the forest. She mainly spends her time either alone or with witches. She prefers witches and warlocks to vampires as she is more close to nature. She'd rather live in a cave than in a castle. She drinks the blood of people she sees damaging the forest or hurting the creatures.

Due to her friendship with witches and warlocks, and also her own magical powers which have grown as she becomes one with nature, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Brodiaea's powers include the ability to grow plants using only her mind, the ability to speak to animals and also super speed, agility and future vision. She uses these powers only to protect her forest and friends.

((The art was drawn by me using MSPaint, I added shading with Photoshop.))