You had been exploring this old dilapidated castle for what seems like hours, wandering through the dark corridors, alone. The locals had told you of the creature which resides here, and you couldn't help but explore. A mix of dread and excitement fill you as you imagine finding the creature. Or perhaps being found..
You come across a doorway, the door open. A dull, flickering light softly shining out towards you. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you follow it. The light is faint, and barely lights the staircase in front of you. The stairway is cramped and leaning in on itself, but seems to have been this way for centuries or more, the ceiling and the walls are shrouded in darkness, causing it to feel even more narrow. You put one hand against the crumpling brickwork as you carefully tread downwards, the wall is moist and covered in a thick layer of moss. The futher down the staircase you go, the more dark it seems to become until eventually the light goes completely.
You want to go back, but something deep inside is dragging you further down the staircase. Eventually you make it to the bottom. The room ahead is silent except for occasional droplet of water plashing on the stone floor and the rough and unsteady pace of your breath. You feel you have no choice but to venture forth. You step towards the center of the dark room, your arms blindly waving ahead.
Suddenly a light appears in the corner of your eye, so you turn to look. In front of you lies a coffin, neatly placed atop a table, draped in silk. Candles which are placed in a circle around the table have been lit, basking the room in a warm glow. The coffin itself is grand, made of a smooth, rich wood and decorated with shining golden brackets.
Before you even have time to react, the coffin begins to open. Your feet are stuck in place and you are unable even to move your head out of fright, so you watch in horror as the coffin creaks slowly open to reveal....


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